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So, I was playing Dawn of Sorrow and I found this odd room in the Demon Guest House.

For some reason, there is a bedroom that has a bunch of female monsters in it like Lilith, Student Witch, Witch, Persephone, and Succubus...

...Now I am left wondering what is going on in this room...

It is a good place to grind for experience and gain dominance over them, if you know what I mean. :iconlennyfaceplz:

*Drops mike and runs from the gunfire*
Red Moon, the terrorist organization run by Lumina Night, has come out with new agents that are known as "Phobias"

These beings are quite powerful and deadly beings that are pure souls that have been turned into impurity, and as such, have been turned into deadly monsters to embody the darkness of the 9 Impurities.

As such, their design shall be based upon different kinds of Phobias that are common in the real world, such as Spiders, Snakes, Blood, Fire, Death, Imprisonment, Brainwashing, etc.

Their functions and what they are doing to the world and how they became like they are has to do with the 9 impurities...which Lumina's powers of nightmare magic trapped them in and exploited to turn them into monsters, while using their impurity to turn the world into a realm of Nightmare, while deluding the world through fear and tricking much of the world into becoming incredibly violent and savage in the name of their 'principals', leading to her cult taking over the church, the government, and education.

The people have even been led to believe that a "Demonic Lord" has taken over the Sacred Ground throughout the world with it's minions and claims that Indumati is said Lord.
So, they say that your guild is on a mission, right?

To go into a deep dark haunted jungle in the Southern Region of the land...

Why? To stop an Aluraune.

However, due to the strange shift of the jungle and the maze of thorns that appeared everywhere, you got lost and separated from your partners!

And what's worse is that it seems the monster has "Chosen" you.

In doing so, it will capture and allure you, and then infect you with an Aluraune seed.

This will transform you slowly into an Aluraune. Maybe, if you are really unlucky, it will make you her slave...

Or she may even release you as the parasitic seed takes over and gives you her power back in town as your humanity slips away!

-Mature in notes only

-Trolls/spambots not welcome

-TG and MC are allowed. Ask for other effects.

-No super bizarre fetishes
Just doing a bit of grinding in the game for Aluraune souls.

It's a bit of a slow process even with the best farming gear, but it's extremely worth it, since Aluraune is one of the best souls in the game, especially for Boss Ross.

The method I use to make it a bit easier and do it quickly to take down large slow targets like Aluraune to grind souls is to combine Waiter Skeleton/Persephone since both at max level can let you stack on massive damage very quickly upon enemies like Aluraune (or really, Great Axe Armors, which I was doing earlier, which are even HARDER to get then Aluraune souls). I find that extremely good against large slow moving enemies that tend to have high HP and defenses.
Video games that have rare drops, particularly for things you need, or rare creatures that you want to catch/obtain (some of which are necessary, like World of Final Fantasy. No joke there either since you need specific creatures to get the good ending).

You know what I mean?

Let's say you want them. Very much. Yet when you are trying to get them, despite the odds that say you should be able to get it, you don't for some strange reason.

Which leads me to a theory that video games have a thing built into them known as "Desire Sensors".

If a game sees that you are performing a certain task or in a certain area to actually get something, it's like, "I know you really really want this and know you need it, but I'm not going to give it to you despite you having the best luck gear on!" or "Oh, you are looking for a rare drop from a monster to get the best gear in the game in order to just survive the last parts of the game? Well, too bad!"

Games are built with desire sensors in them in order to cause it! I know it! It's a conspiracy by the ASIC which is led by Arfoire! She'll do anything to ruin gaming! Anything!
It is said that there was a bit of an...experiment by the Digital Genocide network.

In order to create the fear of video games, Dark Shovel and his agents, the White Knights, have created a virus that has spread throughout the world of video games.

So that, if anyone were to play a video game, no matter what kind it was...well...

They would be transformed into a character from the game they played.

However, it would not only do that, it would also wrap the mind of the target in delusion to make them believe that they are acting out the game in the real world and in turn, make them act violent and dangerous to other people.

In doing so, they not only intend to brainwash all gamers on the planet, but spread so much fear of video games that their leadership so hates that it will lead to their destruction and removal from the world as they intend to blame game companies for the transformation of the people and gamers for the violent actions they are caused to do by them.

This virus was created from technology that they stole from a lab that was working on bringing the digital into the real world in the name of peace.

Not only is it causing it, it's also transforming the land itself as the area is starting to merge and be distorted into digital and real space, which also allowed enemy henchmen from the game world, who don't understand they're not in a game, to attack the world and it's people!

But hope remains.

There was a disc from the head scientist of the lab that was copied and sent to his son, should it be needed. Which had a very special program that contained a special 'avatar' that seems to be alive and says that she is a "Goddess of Gaming".

This Goddess appears as a young girl, of Asian origin, that has dark hair that is short that covers her right eye and has a light gray d-pad clip holding it together, and has on a gray leather jacket and a two piece dress that is modeled after a NES controller, and has long black stockings of lace and red shoes on, and has red colored eyes. She seems to be a virtual presence, yet seems aware of the real world and can actually communicate with people.

...She was given to the son of the scientist to do something very special. To make him into a digital being that could fight hostile digital beings and purify people being controlled by negative digital energy. In doing so, he and the goddess would be one, and he would gain the power of gaming magic. However, should he transform into his fighting form, it shall make him female.

Some say that there are 6 such discs in the world that contain goddesses of gaming of 6 platforms.

And also, the goddesses of gaming are also spirits of joy that are basically angels that dwell in digital space, and are part of the forces of Joy, whom were in charge of giving the world joy and merriment and lifting the spirits of man.

Some say...that their enemies are actually behind what is going on-dark powers that hate the joy and light and hope that Spirits of Joy bring to the world and due to the fact the spirits of joy are standing in the way of their goals to control and dominate the spirits and minds of others by their evil in order to control and enslave the world to Chaos, they WILL come after those bearing the goddess' powers, and they WILL try to destroy them.
They say...that there was once a peaceful land that was full of windswept, green plains where a massive city of birdhouses in giant tall tree-like structures were.

Here, harpies had lived in peace, and had isolated themselves from society long ago, mainly by a wall of storms that protected their islands created by magical energy.

The reason? They had once been enslaved by mind control by the now-defeated Dark Lord and had been used as enforcers by his twisted will to destroy those that were deemed his enemies that committed offense against them.

They had been friend from this due to the fact that the Dark Lord had been defeated, yet very little people left behind wanted to accept them, so they disappeared to a small island that had been abandoned, and created the wall to keep out their enemies, since there were still people who had bad blood towards them towards things that their people had done and knew that people would try to hunt them down and hurt them.

...15 years had passed since then, and they were largely unaware of what was going on in the outside world, until suddenly, the Order of the White Lily breached their magical wall and invaded their island with a massive army and started to attack them.

One such Harpy was still an egg, and was being protected by her mother in a nest in the mountains. The egg's mother tried to fight against the enemy agents with the power of magic feathers, which is one of the innate magic arts of Harpies, yet she ended up being struck down by a poisoned arrow through the heart, and her egg captured...

...The harpy was later born, yet was quickly enslaved by a slave crown and made to serve a court of a far-off nation that she was later sold to by the Church-State as a slave. During this slavery, she was made to basically be a maid. And once it was found out that she could use magic arts by turning feathers into weapons, she was made into a soldier for the forces, and was made to fight and kill monsters against her will, since the Church-State that influenced the government considered monsters to be agents of Dark Lord, and it wasn't uncommon for them to enslave monsters to fight other monsters by mind control...or to put them in the hands of "Monster Tamers", who were very cruel people most of the time, some of them rather...perverse towards female monsters.

She ended up being freed her of her mind control due to the fact that the military of the empire she was made an agent of was being sent to a tropical island where they were told had a human sacrifice cult full of cannibals who worshiped a demonic fire goddess who lived in a volcano. She ended up fighting against a certain old hero, an angelic maiden, and a dancer that had obtained the fire goddess's blessing, who defeated her and her 'handler' and freed her from the control of the enemies, mainly because the old hero of the past knew that she had been enslaved and was merciful to her. As for her handler...he was presumed dead, yet had survived and swore vengeance for his stolen property and repeated chased the heroes with new monster slaves and powerful new techniques to defeat them.

The harpy maid herself? She was aware of what she was doing the whole time while under the slave crown's power, yet could never speak her mind or do anything as it made her say and do whatever the person controlling her wanted, much to her sadness and despair and frustration. She later resolved to help the heroes, since they wanted to stop the people who had butchered and enslaved her people, especially once she found out that the Church State wanted to enslave the world through mind control in the name of their ideal world under their "god" and it's power. She kept the maid outfit that she had been made to wear, which was now worn and had to be fashioned more to give her freedom of movement anyway, to remind herself of her goals.
Harpy Maid

Lol, no name as of yet? Probably Celeno.
It is said that in the Fairy World, there was a powerful Arc that was once close to Indumati's mother and was an advisor on her court, yet this Arc...was a bit ambitious.

She had been secretly obtaining support from dark fairies and rouge elements in the Fairy World in the name of Indumati's mother in order to try and overthrow the government of the Fairy World, because she intended to conquer it and place herself as the Queen of the Fairy World.

However, Indumati's mother learned about what she was doing and had gathered her allies and made them aware of what Lumina was doing, which ended up turning the table on Lumina and her supporters and forced them into a battle that they couldn't win that they thought they could win, and in the end, Lumina's followers were killed, scattered, and some captured, and Lumina was imprisoned for high treason and conspiracy to overthrow the government, and sent to a very lonely and isolated prison meant for the most violent and twisted of criminals in the Fairy World, where she was condemned to be executed for her crimes.

However...Chaos saw great potential in her to do great things of evil and in exchange for offering her great power to get her revenge against Indumati's mother Luna, he said that he would not only let her conquer the Fairy World, but Earth and many other worlds as well, if she would become a vessel for a powerful angelic goddess that he claimed had been unjustly sealed away by heaven to cover up it's sins...

She agreed, and because of it, she became the vessel for the sealed away Goddess of Nightmare, Lilith, and had obtained her power to control and use fear and desire as physical and psychological weapons to destroy, dominate, and control others. With this power, she escaped from prison and murdered all the guards and gathered several of the most deadly criminals to serve under her that had been imprisoned there for a long, long time, and they went forth to execute their plans.

She caused mankind, by her lies and trickery by preying upon their fears of fey folk, to lead them to attack the Arc Queen Luna and her people to destroy them. However, Luna had received a message from the Guardian of Dreams, who had come to her since it had chosen Luna's child to be the child of destiny to stand up to the darkness of Nightmare that was about to be unleashed upon the universe through Lumina's insanity and ambition for power, and whisked them away to the moon, and later allowed her to marry a human being, since very few Arc were left in the world, and they were all female, and one was already related to her and the other was her enemy. Later, Indumati was born and was given the Staff of the White Moon as a symbol of hope and peace, and the divine serenity of love and peace to bring hope and dreams to a dark world.

Lumina, on the other hand, was not satisfied with her power and wanted more and more. And to this end, she needed to find 9 pure souls that had the potential of the elements of Purity, and bring them by her power into the darkness in order to create absolute impurity and offer it upon the 9 Sacred Grounds of the 9 Elements of Purity in order to corrupt the world into nightmare and darkness, and to break the seals upon the power that was contained in her. If she obtained this, it would allow Lilith to be unsealed and reborn into the real world through her.

If that happens...fear, hatred, and absolute darkness will spread across the universe and will drown the world into the hell of Chaos. And since Lilith's power feeds upon Fear, it would allow her to become all but unstoppable...

Indumati must now find the 9 beings of absolute impurity and restore them to perfect purity to restore them and the world.

However, Lumina and her evil has allowed her to manipulate and control nearly all things through the power of fear in the world and had filled the world with fear and violence towards each other, which will no doubt turn on Indumati to do everything to destroy, or worse corrupt, her.
Villain: Lumina Night, Queen of Nightmare
Your perfect twisted desire.

Your soul's destruction.

Your fear incarnate.

A nightmare that shall consume the universe itself.
Personally, I'm not too worried about it.

Whatever does happen happens, and hopefully, it will bring positive changes such as making customization available for non-core members or getting better customer service (since it's abysmal right now) or getting better customization options then we already have. I have heard that Wix is competent when it comes to making websites look very nice, so it's probably going to do more good then harm. And hopefully, they'll fix bugs and get rid of questionable ads.

At worst, they make a few changes and people complain about it no matter what they do as though it's the worst thing ever as they always do as though it's the end of the world when it isn't or simply affects silly optional things.

I highly doubt it will bring anything bad like insane censorship as people fear since getting in the way of an artist's vision for the sake of some sort of arbitary agenda would be an insanely stupid thing to do on an art site, though I would welcome being able to take down art thieves and trolls a lot easier and letting the community have better tools to deal with it.
They say...that in Game World's Aerial Anarchy Arcade base, there is a special sort of trap to fool adventurers.

You see, normally in adventure games there is a point where there is a number combination in a level that causes an important item, usually a collectible or a vital item, that is unlocked by doing so, and Dark Shovel and his forces were smart enough to know that adventurers would go for it, thinking they were doing so...

Hence when the VR Helmet Trap is there.

Seeing as the important item in the dungeon is a helmet that can protect against mind control effects, there is a combination that is in the level and a series of switches, but the combination actually unlocks a trap that is posing as the important item.

What this fake helmet is? It's actually a trap that will put the heroes into a virtual dream world and make them believe that they are going on their adventure, while really, it is actually trapping them in a coma and re-writing their minds in order to make them into slaves while the aliens that make their home in the base experiment on their bodies to alter their gender and appearance and species into whatever the shadow market wants as a high-value slave, and then once the brainwashing and experiments are complete, they are sold as slaves to the shadow market...leaving the person who fell for this trap usually into a mindless slave and puppet for whatever purpose is wanted, especially for forced labor and sex slavery.

It is this trap alone that has led to the disappearance and enslavement of many would-be heroes who would come to the Arcade in order to stop Emperor Galagix and his capture and enslavement of many people by his soldiers...should they invade the Arcade.
VR Helmet Trap :3
Disclaimer: This is a trap for Game World and it's dungeons that is a play on a common troupe that was around in video games with combinations that unlocked certain things or solved certain puzzles. I do not advocate nor support the kinds of things the villains of this story are doing, as they are they villains and you are meant to hate them as such. Also, all pain and suffering caused by the VR Helmet Trap are simulated and no actual real world people were hurt in the making, use, or production of it. 
  • Arrogance - The most devious of the impurities for a reason, as it is said to convince one that they are always in the right and blinds one to one's faults and to make those infected believe they are above all others by their virtues while ignoring their vices. Ones with this are known for doing anything it takes to further themselves and their goals as the only solution to everything and anything and the only way things should be done, even at the cost of making their own goals into things that cause a trail of blood, sweat, and tears for the innocent...
  • Deception - Lies are poison to many people and tend to blind people to the truth while misleading them to their death and into deeper sin, which is why the heavens despises lying and all forms of deception as they do. Deception however can be lying to others as much as lying to one's self, and those infected even believe their own lies and become deluded by their own deceptions.
  • Hypocrisy - A being that is inconsistent due to the fact that they claim virtue, yet choose to do evil, and often are the ones that actually do the most evil while claiming to the be doing it in the name of good, usually in the name of morals or some form of higher standard. One such as this believes strongly they are good, yet is a slave to corruption that enslaves others to corruption.
  • Fear - The world can be a scary place. Even more so however if people's fears control them and make them see threat around every corner where there really isn't any, or to overinflate a small threat into some sort of vast conspiracy on par with the Illuminati. Such tend to be convinced that everything not apart of them and what they are a part of is mind control or is some sort of demonic agents out to harm them, when really, it's not and is only the fear that is controlling them into hysteria.
  • Laziness - Some people don't choose to put effort into anything, or tend to put off things until they are forced to or they get so bad that nothing can be done. Such tend to put off their duties, particularly to other people...until it's too late to help, until nothing truly can be done, because what they love is gone and their world is dark with madness that can't be stopped. Such tend to look for solutions from others who promise great things, yet end up deceiving them.
  • Greed - Some people are never satisfied with what they have and take what they have for granted, and believe that they must have and have to be happy, moving from one thing to the next, yet never can find peace. Greed is also very bad in that such people will do anything to have more...even at the cost of the lives and livelihood of others and at the cost of quality and effort at any good work merely to further their own gain as their spirit becomes corrupted by the greed for the allure of gold and gain for power.
  • Hate - Hate is a powerful emotion, but to those consumed by it, they will view everyone who is even mildly disagreeing with them as though they are the worst person ever, and will see any group they dislike or disagree with as though they are the agents of evil itself that are out to destroy the world. One filled with hate is even willing to do violence against supposed 'enemies' in every way possibly to claim they are the worst thing ever, when really, they are the ones who's hands are stained in innocent blood. One who is filled with hate can never see those they dislike or disagree with them as human, which in turn makes those filled with hate inhuman towards them.
  • Lust - Desire is a very good thing, but...suppose they became twisted and became a force for evil, to the point people would do anything, no matter how bad or perverse, to obtain it? That is what Lust is. It isn't in and of itself desire as some people believe, but rather using bad means to obtain said desire. Nor is it necessarily about sexual desires (though it is common and commonly associated with it), but also has to do with selfishness and wanting to be loved and praised and valued to the point of compromising principals for it, which can lead to ruin.
  • Envy - Supposed someone has something you really want for yourself, that you felt you deserved. How far would you go to obtain it? Work hard and smart to obtain it, or try to take it for yourself or try to claim they obtained it dishonestly? How far does one take that? Steal? Slander? Destroy? That is what Envy can do to people. One that is envious of others may even want to be one top or may want to be seen as important or may want to be seen as any means, and so, are envious to the point of insanity when others obtain and have what they believe they deserve.
9 Impurities
They say...

In order for the Goddess of Nightmare to return to the world, there must be an offering of absolute impurity of all 9 types of impurity, from 9 pure souls that have drowned in absolute darkness of sin...

...They say if all 9 seals are broken by being offered upon the 9 Sacred Lands that bind her power, she will return to the world.

When that happens, death and destruction shall befall all worlds, and Chaos will reign across the universe as all life drowns in the hell of the 9 impurities.

Destroying those who have the 9 impurities will do no good, as a new vessel will simply be chosen. To overcome the impurities, one must make what has become absolute impurity into absolute purity by the 9 elements of purity. Otherwise, all hope is lost.
They say...

That there are 8 evils that are defined by "Types" of corruption.

Of course, there are also 8 virtues that are also defined by "Types" of purity.

Only...what should they be?

And what should they do?
Let's say that the heroes of the past did manage to save the world before from a dark and terrible evil that threatened to consume the world in darkness. This evil was so great that it ruined the world and left much of nature poisoned and twisted and had the power to turn ordinary people into monsters by drawing out the darkness of their hearts.

This evil had been defeated, and the world should have been saved, right? Only you would be wrong, since it really only brought momentary peace as corruption caused by man was still a thing-which is what happened to one of the main heroes and made them into a villain that used their status as a savior of the world and his rigid principals that he believed were a driving force for saving the world to make themselves into...well...a tyrant and dictator. Such as one with heavy religious tones, yet deep darkness in his own heart. Perhaps driven by his desire, ambition, and envy to become something hurtful?

As for the second theme...

Supposed you have a hero that is marked as a "Savior of the World", possibly by a divine presence. Perhaps an idealist who wants a better world and wants the world to live in peace and to care for and love each other, yet finds that the world is truly a cruel and heartless place, that people will try to use them for their own personal gain, that even close friends will betray them, and even if they bring peace to the world for a moment, they end up being hated as the worst person ever and seen as a villain in the end because the world they fought so hard to save rejected them and turned into a tyranny under an evil far worse then what he had saved it from, and saw the world devolve more into fear and hatred towards others and saw as the world got taken over once again by an evil that convinced them that it was the savior of the world, who had perhaps been close to the hero?
They say...that this flute was developed by a 'Goddess' that is the ruling force behind the Legion of the White Lily.

Supposedly, it was developed to control snakes, particularly snake monsters, into doing whatever the one playing it so wishes.

Which is why it was used by the people keeping a Lamia and her children and servants captive in order to control them and keep them captive in the dungeons that they sent their 'violent offenders', usually political enemies of the state or people who dared the challenge the reason and will of the Church-state's power over the region.

By using it, they made her and her children into killers, even though it went against the principals of the Lamia herself, who actually was a good person before being tricked and seduced by a servant of the Goddess, only to end up being cursed and turned into a monster, along with her children, because of her 'sins', when really, it was the Goddess who wanted her to turn into it in the first place and appealed to and twisted her desires to manipulate her due the fact that the Lamia had been an enemy of her state due to the fact that she was a princess and a priestess of the state who was advocating for taking care of the people and helping them and teaching people to do the same even without the church, which threatened the Church-state and the dark Goddess' power as they saw her as a threat due to the fact she challenged them by doing so since they wished the people to depend on them and to believe in their goddess so their goddess could take over their wills and enslave them. That, and the dark Goddess knew that she was receptive to true divine power, which in turn made her vulnerable to true darkness. And since she needed people of true darkness to turn into monsters to use at certain points in the world that were once divine places to give power to the gods and that having beings of true darkness their would cause those points to become corrupted and further her domination of the world, she used the Lamia's desires against her to transform her into a being of pure darkness that had the element of Lust in her.

In doing so, the Lamia had to be contained within a certain point by the Church-state, hence the dungeon was built on top of the Sacred Ground in order to contain her and her children and it was made into a place where the state sent the most dangerous criminals in order to have them killed, while the one guarding the place that was a knight of the Legion, had the magic snake flute to control her into doing his bidding at all times as a method of making her do anything he wished as well as containing her in case she tried to escape.

The more time she had been under the spell of it, the more...her will became slowly broken because of it and the more the darkness consumed her spirit...

Until the purity of the impurity of the evil she had in her consumed her completely and allowed for one of the seals of the Goddess's evil power to break.

...They say, the only way to stop the impurity of the evil at this point and destroy the power of the Goddess is if someone were to help the Lamia to overcome the evil that was inside of her and restore her to true good and virtue, though doing so would not break the curse that turned her into a monster.
This strange giant grape jam monster is part of an alien race that is known as "Star Jellies"

However, he's not a benevolent creature and is very, very selfish and very bloated.

Seeing as he's made up of low-quality grape jelly, he's quite smelly and foul. Because of this, he's kind of in a foul mood at all times, and given his selfishness, he tends to try and capture other races from other worlds for the sole purpose of capturing their people to make into slaves by infecting them with toxic slime that can alter their minds that is produced by his body.

While he is quite large and scary looking, and touching his slime is certainly not a good idea due to the fact it can infect any organism by touch alone and start enslaving their minds to him, he's actually fairly weak and relies on his servants, even among his own people, to do just about everything for him, and in truth, the only reason his people even tolerate him is merely because they find his toxic slime useful, which they know was caused due to him becoming mutated by radioactive waste long ago back when they visited Earth to observe it.

The radioactive waste altered his body into monstrosity, but allowed him to produce powerful toxic slime that could be used to enslave other people due to how hallucinogenic it was, so his people decided to give him the title of Emperor since their government was useless anyway, and largely because they wanted the slime to capture other races to enslave them. Of course, Emperor Grape was most happy with this and didn't really care one way or another, as long as he got slaves that would clean him and do everything for him every now and again. Of course, he's rather easily triggered when a slave steps out of line in a little and tends to eat them if they're even mildly negligent, much to the annoyance of the other members of his people seeing as the Emperor tends to demand the most beautiful of slaves for himself.

Recently, he started an invasion of a planet with strange and beautiful fey-like folk with strange powers known as "Butterfly Folk". To make capturing them easier, his people started to coat the planet in toxic sticky slime to catch them and had developed weapons using the toxic slime to shoot at flying targets, and had set up a base for their leader that started to spew toxins into the waters and produce more slime people via slime producing toxic chemicals that they were experimenting with.

It is said that for especially tough willed people that they wish to enslave, the emperor had his people develop a special gelatin cell that would hold them in a sort of statis as his slime was all around them so that it would trap them in paralysis as the slime worked upon their wills. He also ordered that the slime should modify the bodies of potential slaves to alter their bodies to make them more beautiful...which his people were okay with because they wanted cute slaves of their own.

They say, however, that the weakness of Emperor Grape is actually his own slime, since while it is very good and useful to him for infecting other organisms to his will, he can't stand how it smells, hence why he enslaves servants to wash and collect it, since he gets physically sick if it builds up for too long due to how noxious it is. He's also weak on his own due to the fact he's very slow and largely relies on his defense being the fact that going for physical attacks gets enemies that do hit him the risk of getting infected by his slime's psychosis toxins, as his actual attacks are slow and have low range and accuracy and in truth, the only reason he is able to eat his slaves is because they are under his spell to make it easier for him to grab with his short arms to eat them.
Emperor Grape
Lol. Hence why he's probably a first boss level opponent and more of a joke villain then anything...
It is said that there is a strange fortress of iron ruled by a greedy and corrupt war-mgering king that became known as the "Warlord of Violence", who is said to be a tyrant from the toxic lands below who ascended into the sky in order to try and conquer and control the world of the Goddess of Creation who had taken away so many people.

His people found a world full of monsters, and started to lead a campaign to eradicate and enslave them all.

Some say...that they found an Island known as the Isle of Winds, where many bird like people lived in giant birdhouses on a verdant plain...which was easy to invade.

They came to the villa and attacked it's people, and kidnapped their females, since they were quite beautiful, and to the princess of the region, after slaying her parents in front of her, they had captured her in a net and then imprisoned in a bird cage near the emperor's throne, forever tied in chains and unable to escape...

...It is said that she is still there, even now, unable to escape her prison and break free. Rumor has it they used a special addictive herb to rob her of magical power to keep her controlled so she will do anything for it...

They say every night, she cries and sings, unable to get away, in tears over it. Yet her spirit shall forever remain untamed, even in her broken, worn state.
Based on a Harpy for one, and the other based on a Lamia.

Of course, they will have to be quite different. :3

Like say...a Magpie Harpy that is also a maid and a thief that uses magic feathers to form weapons and to launch attacks.

And a Lamia that is based on a diamond rattlesnake that is dressed as a cowgirl and has a special gun that shoots magic snakes.
I'm sorry for being gone for so long today.

My dog Kady, she's been really really sick.

She hasn't been eating, has been throwing up a lot, and has been losing a lot of weight and...

I'm scared she might not make it. ;n;
This strange creature appears as a neon raver in special music-based armor that has giant speaks that they can summon and fire forth giant, wide-spreading blasts of musical notes.

It is said that one in particular is a soldier of fortune to fight against The Silence, which are a race of aliens that seek to bring silence to all worlds by stealing all music and sound and all voices from the world in order to control the voices of all people, and therefore, their wills to do what they will.

The "Dubstep Destructor" is a special class of male soldier that is designed with the Dubstep Destruction Cannon and is meant for heavy pressure and large numbers of enemy units and designed to deal heavy damage in one blast.

It is said that they are men, young and old alike, that have the ability to use magic arts known as "Musika". Musika is the element of music, the sound that has the power to bring joy to the people and destruction to The Silence. It was discovered when the Silence were found to be collecting this energy into order to conquer the world, and when it was found they had a severe hatred of all musicians and anything that makes music, because they view it as a weapon against them and because Musika being used a weapon against them can damage them badly.

Granted, of course, that Dubstep Destructor class is not the only class around that can deal with the Silence. They are merely the heavy assault class. However, normal people need not worry about being hurt by Musika Weapons unless they have been converted into The Silence, seeing as Musika cannot hurt normal people.

They say...The Silence were a race of aliens from 30 years ago who tried to conquer Earth before in a scouting mission and tried to take over the world and killed the President of the US and nearly took over the US, yet they were found to have a weakness to music, which later was found to have magical energies in it that could damage enemies. At first, people thought it was mere Yoodling music that could hurt them, yet all music contained the potential to be a powerful weapon. In time, Musika users were trained to battle against the Silence should they return by training musicians of all kinds into becoming powerful magical music soldiers. And as part of the result, the Dubstep Destructor armor was made.
I noticed a lot of people leaving or threatening to leave because of the influx of trolls. 

Have standards gotten that bad on this site?

Remember, if someone is trolling you, they want a response. And many of these trolls seem completely obvious to me as fail trolls. 

Don't respond to them. Instead report them, report their theft, block, and move on.
So, I was playing Dawn of Sorrow and I found this odd room in the Demon Guest House.

For some reason, there is a bedroom that has a bunch of female monsters in it like Lilith, Student Witch, Witch, Persephone, and Succubus...

...Now I am left wondering what is going on in this room...

It is a good place to grind for experience and gain dominance over them, if you know what I mean. :iconlennyfaceplz:

*Drops mike and runs from the gunfire*


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